History of Eastington Park

Eastington Park was built in 1815 by a local clothier and mill owner called Henry Hicks. Mr Hicks purchased the estate in 1806 from the Stephens Family, after the original building, Eastington Manor, was demolished in 1778.

There were four notable families who lived in Eastington Park and they all achieved their wealthy lifestyles through industry and commerce, as opposed to via the privilege and patronage that tended to accompany those with their roots in the landed gentry.

All the families who lived in Eastington Park were heavily involved in the village – whether through hosting events, financing the building of the new village hall, or the construction of woollen cloth mills to provide jobs for several generations of the local population.

Some of the families that lived here were very well connected with high society and had some very interesting friends. The de Lisle Bush family were great friends with the world famous England cricket captain, WG Grace, who came to Eastington Park on many occasions. Also, Henry Hicks was very close friends with Doctor Edward Jenner, who pioneered the worlds first vaccine – it has been said that he ‘saved more lives than the work of any other human’.

Very sadly, many of the families that lived here at Eastington Park lost family members during the Boer War, The Great War and The Second World War. Notably the de Lisle Bush family, whose two sons were killed during The Great War.

After the end of The Second World War, the family could no longer continue the upkeep of their home (particularly after the loss of two of their sons). They sold Eastington Park to Gloucestershire County Council in 1946, who in turn converted it into a nursing home. This continued until 1996, when the current owner, Sally Roberts, purchased the estate.

Sally ran it as a nursing home until 2011 before selling it to an events company who had plans to convert it into a wedding venue. However, before the sale had completed the events company went into administration, and Sally therefore found herself the owner of Eastington Park again, but as a wedding venue!

Sally has a business portfolio including a boutique hotel in Portugal, farmhouses that specialise in ‘hen weekends’ and a wedding planning business in Portugal – so Eastington Park as a wedding venue was a perfect addition. Sally’s nephew, Chris Greville-Heygate, has run Eastington Park as a wedding venue since the beginning of 2013 and has already hosted over 400 weddings in this historical estate.